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It doesn’t make sense to me

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It doesn’t make sense to me because lets say they fight now, what does it really prove in the grand scheme of things? Not much.

Mir is coming off a really unimpressive win. If brock smashes him again, so what? he’s already redeemed his loss and beaten him before. Save that shit for another title match or actaul no.1 contender match.

If either guy wins the match up, is there a title shot? well maybe for brock, but honestly i don’t think either would deserve it. Mir for lots of reasons and Brock because beating Mir is far from worthy enough to grant a shot (Lesnar may deserve another shot on merit, but either you give him an insant shot, or you make him prove his worth against another title contender, not someone who isn’t in the mix and he already beat up).

Putting Lesnar against Carwin (i know he’s injured but whatever) or BC makes alot more sense, and sets any of those 3 up for a title shot. Plus, its a hell of a lot more entertaining. Fuck Mir up his ass with a 10″ dildo. Around.

just my 2 cents…