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Well chit, since we’re going


G Funk

Well chit, since we’re going way back in the day… Sixth grade during class, we all were doing some class work and I started day-dreaming. It was beautiful thoughts of me bangin two girls that sat in front of me.(yes, my pervyness started early homies) As my excitement started reaching towards the top, THE FUCKING FIRE ALARM STARTS GOING OFF! Now since I was hung like a horse since birth, albeit a midget pony of a horse, and wearing sweat pants there was no tucking and hiding… Suffice to say, everyone caught an eyefull of young G rippin through. Now you’d think the alarm followed by the thought of embarrasment to the THOUGHT ACTUALLY COMING TO LIFE would kill some-o-dat swelling right? NO! It was like my elementary ass took a ‘lil blue pill earlier or somen!

Of coarse there was some laughing and teasing and GIRLS RUNNING THE FUCK AWAY SCREAMING! Oddly enough, there are ‘lil sluts at that age. After that day this one cute trailer-trash angel started giving me MAD ATTENTION. That ‘lil princess gave me my first over the clothes handjob and 2nd base sliders. Sometimes good things can surface from the bad. I wonder if she learned that from her fashah?