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Frickshun, “But it doesn’t

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“But it doesn’t mean shit when certain opponents are impossible to take down & others are happy to fight off their backs. That takedown % is irrelevant unless you finish most fights from the top (even against top comp).”

My example was ONE stat comparison. To factor in your argument about pulling guard you add the submission attempts/success from a defensive ground position, or number of times submitted from an offensive ground position.


-Say fighter X has a 80% takedown success rate over their entire career, but they have been submitted 5 times from a advantages position.

-In 20 years fighter Y comes along and has a 85% takedown success rate over their entire career, and has never been submitted from a top position.

Keeping the 75%/45% takedown defense in the equation.

Fighter X has better takedowns %, based on their opponents.
Fighter Y has better top submission defence %, based on their opponents.

Then add in % of strikes landed from top position, % of submissions from top positions, % of passes from top, % of of neautralized passes by opponent…………………….

Add more, and more variables until you get a complete picture.