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^^I gotta watch that when I



^^I gotta watch that when I get home. Although it’s fuct up, I’ve certainly made fun of enough people that it would be hypocritical for me to judge someone else. Isn’t that essentially the basis of being a Jackal?

Last night I got my kids’ class pictures. I didn’t know both of them had “special needs” kids (slight tards). They said these kids acted out a lot & were bad. I told them how imperative it was to help these kids as much as they could & not judge them b/c they couldn’t help themselves. I told my kids how lucky we were to be born healthy since so much can go wrong during gestation!!

And when I was a kid, I made fun of everybody & everything. If I didn’t make them cry, I would have considered it a failure. Point being, I’m a jerk so I shouldn’t judge Margarito. Plus, he’s the only metrosexual Mexican I know!!