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Disagree. I see Fight Metric

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Disagree. I see Fight Metric more like a great way to look at a fight in a very cold, clinical way. Fight Metric takes away the emotional response to your favored (or disliked) fighter giving or taking a strike or sub attempt. It allows me to consider the fight from a non-biased viewpoint, which can be near impossible. You can’t quantify the feeling of Rampage smashing Forrest in the face in rd 1. In basketball, a dunk is worth 2 points whether it barely went in or it was a 360 tomahawk. In MMA, a “power punch” can make you jump out of your seat even if it didn’t stagger the recipient.

In baseball, strikes are strikes. You don’t say “that strike sucked”. He should have thrown a curve ball to get the K. In MMA, we argue about the quality of a knockdown or the effectiveness of a failed sub attempt. We are influenced by our own tastes in fight style & favorite/reviled fighters.

Before a decision is announced, my boss & I compare our personal scores (I always watch PPV’s @ his house). We disagree frequently b/c I have a different preference in fight style.