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GrassHoppa–>you silly

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GrassHoppa–>you silly bastard!! If you’re in a committed relationship, there’s no way a chick wants to hear that. You should have said “Don’t feel guilty. You’re very attractive!! I’m sorry about our current situation but it’s temporary & I will make it up to you tenfold when I get back. You will be bow-legged for a week.”

Then you make sure to NEVER EVER EVER tell her that you flirt/kiss/dance/massage/fuck/talk intimately/say her name or anything close…..WITH ANOTHER CHICK!!

When my marriage was rocky, I too told my wife to go & seek out someone elses affection. But I just wanted an easy out. Maybe you feel the same way subliminally. You want to cut off that intimacy. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t suggest it. OR YOU’D BE A BETTER LIAR.