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this is stupid. really?

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this is stupid. really? really?



for realz? you really just did that. You should create another list of people who fought only 2 times in the UFC in a row. And then how many have fought 3. Or how about a list of fighters who were scheduled to fight in the UFC but never did and break down that list by injuries and some just falling apart. I mean, before i saw this list there was this hole in my heart beacuse i didn’t know the name of every single fighter who’s only fought one time in the UFC.

i’m going to compile a list of fighters who wore red shorts in the octagon, broken down by how tall they were, shoe size and how much ear wax they had in their ears that night. jeeeezzzz, i like MMA but damn, people go too far sometimes getting a raging vagina boner over this shit. fuck.