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G–>oh how I miss the OLD

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G–>oh how I miss the OLD FUCKING SITE!!

I have a classic tale of frickshun family fun:

Since Mrs. frick’s mantra is “you gotta spend to save”…..when a coupon enters my house, it MUST BE USED. Therefore, my wife & I were perusing a somewhat higher-end baby store (clothes, furniture, toys, strollers, formula, etc.) several years ago when my girls were not even 1 & 2 yrs old b/c of said coupon.

Confession time: I love to BROWSE. Not a big fan of shopping (unless it involves “lifting”), BUT I sure do love to browse & comparison shop!! My lovely wife decides that my babies (literally @ the time), ABSOLUTELY NEEDED a play kitchen. I don’t recall but I think it cost somewhere around $75. Not a lot of money but considering we were relatively new homeowners (read: broke) & our very small kids didn’t NEED new stuff to play with…..I did NOT want her to make this purchase.

So I started in w/the passive aggressive behavior (b/c I’m a manchild). In spite of my desire NOT to buy it, she felt it was necessary. After all… was ON SALE!! The box was large & unwieldy. I refused to help. Come to think of it, my wife may have still be pregnant w/our younger one!! She struggled to get it in the back of our Pathfinder (not very big inside). I think a stranger even offered to help. BUT NOT ME, PAL!! When she hopped in the car, I was still being a pissy little bitch about it. Although the store is a 6-7 mile drive from our house, SHE DECIDED TO JUMP OUT OF THE CAR.

I was absolutely furious @ this point. How absurd that my wife & mother of our children couldn’t have a dispute w/o jumping out of the fucking car. She wouldn’t listen to my pleas of “Get in the car you fucking cunt!!” She ran off in such a way that I wasn’t able to follow by car. The tricky bitch managed to lose me. After driving around for a good 5-10 seconds I called off the search.

I got on the highway & proceeded to drive home. Guess who I saw walking on the side of the highway….like a deranged crackhead. Yes indeed, it was Mrs. frick!! Once again I pleaded to “get in the MOTHERFUCKING car!!” but she pressed on w/her silent protest march down the highway. Naturally, I pursued. After all, she is the love of my life!! She darted across to the OTHER SIDE OF THE HIGHWAY!! Crazy bitch.

I had to get off the highway & flip around. When I got back on due North, I saw her walking on the shoulder. Just as I was pulling up to scream @ her some more…….THE COPS PULLED UP 1st!! They told her it’s illegal for her dumb ass to be walking on the side of the highway (no shit?). Finally, all my coaxing paid off & she jumped back in the car. STUPID FUCKING PLAY KITCHEN.