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“Wait 20-30 years and MMA



“Wait 20-30 years and MMA will be in the same boat.”

I disagree with that.

Have you seen the Tapout commercial with the Ruffo Brothers ?? MMA sponsors are taking the initiative to build the talents of younger fighters, and offering money to help them along.

Many fighters, and fight camp in the States are taking steps to help maintain wrestling programs at schools. These are the feeder programs for MMA.
** See Barder, and ASU

How many fighters have their own schools, and will help to bring along new fighters. MMA fighters tend not to walk away from the sport when their careers are over. As the money gets better more people will look at it as an option over other pro sports.

You have your point, and I can understand it. I am not that pessimistic about the main sport I follow.

Kick Boxing in North America would be cool.