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“Yeah, you didn’t do a very

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“Yeah, you didn’t do a very good job of reading my post, pewnt.”
-Ok I get to be the kettle, you can be the pot.

Let me clear it up. I agree with your statement. So I reiterated it, and expanded with a couple statements, and a question of my own. I wasn’t disagreeing with you. I hold the same opinion as you in regards to PAC/MAY going head to head with the UFC in 2010. I know it may be odd that I agree with anything you say, but this time I do.

UFC cannot go head to head with two fighters in all of boxing, but they pull better numbers consistently. It’s not like UFC’s best show did 1.5 Mil, and boxing best is pulling 10 Mil ppv’s.

It’s only a matter of time (and not a long time) before UFC CAN out do the “big draws” in boxing even when going head to head on the same weekend.

If your not a boxing fan, then I’m not asking you “Who’s next?”.