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I came in here to say “this

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I came in here to say “this is a retard discussion”. But I now realize that it’s a good question & I should stop being a dick for 2 minutes to give my MORE valid opinion:

I was a legit boxing fan for the last decade. Didn’t care too much about obscure fight history. But I watched every HBO & PPV. I watched Friday Night Fightson ESPN every week & watched Tuesday Night Fights regularly. Thanks to MMA, I realize now that I don’t care if I miss an HBO BAD show or even a bigger HBO fight. I didn’t even watch the last Super Six fight on Showtime…..too much effort.

I used to enjoy the NBA a lot (casual fan) & some NFL (at least 1 Jets quarter per game). Thanks to MMA, I don’t give a flying fuck about either. Win, lose, playoffs…..don’t give a shit. I would rather watch Prelims on Spike than an NBA game.

Not sure why. Probably b/c I don’t have a lot of free time (family, job, house, volleyball, gym). And when I do have a bit of free time, watching other sports kind of feels like a waste. I think all of us dreamed when we were young of being the next Michael Jordan or Emmitt Smith. Although we all realized we were not genetically destined for that path (or special in any meaningful way), it was fun to dream. Now we get to watch organized street fights IN MOTHERFUCKING HI-DEF!! Something that appeals to little boys since the 1st time you saw a sloppy playground fight in Elementary school. I’ve even accepted that it’s okay for my young daughters to watch the fights if they want to. Unlike my wife, they don’t wince when the blood starts spurting!!