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I only watched Hockey growing

Home Forums MMA Related If MMA is growing, which other sports are shrinking? I only watched Hockey growing



I only watched Hockey growing up. Started watching combat sports around 13-14, and never looked back.

Smaller sports will be hurt most. X games stuff. Baseball, hockey, soccer, all types of racing, rugby, football, have a limited global appeal. They have some places where it is big, others, not so much. Even soccer has trouble supporting a pro league in North America. It exists but it’s not pulling MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL ratings on average.

EX. I am sure there is a market for auto racing in India, but Nascar may never make a penny in that market.

The UFC is showing that MMA can be marketed on a global level. They are tapping into markets that other sports could only dream of.

“Hey, wanna go watch some fights?” translates well.