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Bas had an amazing career as

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Bas had an amazing career as a fighter. Is top two for commentators (really biased, I’ve been a Rogan fan since News Radio days). The best host of any mma show on TV/Internet, and funny as hell. I would pay good money to sit in a room, and listen to him tell stories. I would never knock on Bas.

I am knocking on Brett Rogers. Specifically using his loss to Overeem as an example of Overeem’s greatness. I also think Brett was rushed into a fight with Fedor. Arlovski was his only real big fight at that point. He should never have been in the cage with Overeem. Forget that he was getting a title shot coming off a loss. He just had his first career loss. Not everyone bounces back from their first loss right away, especially one as high profile as his .

Go back an watch the fight. When it hits the ground keep thinking to yourself “what would Nog, Cain, Brock, Mir, or JDS to with someone in that position.