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@ subo – you totally missed

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@ subo – you totally missed my point on that analogy. they were ranked #1 while they were still crushing cans (houston, southern miss, smu) during the regular season. by your logic they shouldn’t have been in the top 25 until they beat someone good. (and even then because they finished the season against nothing but cans, your logic would dictate that we bitch about how long ago their last decent win was)

also “The guy was just taken to decision by Warpath, for fuck’s sake.” this is a fallacy its like saying “Anderson Silva almost lost his last fight to chael goddamned sonnen for fuck’s sake,he must be terrible” sometimes you just have an off night (and still win)

edit: damnit i shouldve thought of this in the pewnt, ubereem is overrated thread. BULLETPROOF!