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Well the difference between

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Well the difference between Lesnar and Overeem (i read the first and last paragraphs, im lazy) is that Overeem has a waay larger skill set. Before you get all gay and say he won a NCAA champ, remember that was 10 years ago. Overeem currently competes at the very highest level of striking. Also, he has qualified for ADCCC, which just goes to say he’s got skillz on the ground.

“I’d give his K-1 performances more props but there’s a stagnant pool of the same guys if i’ve ever seen one” Well not really. Sure, theres semmy, but who else? The best people in the tourny are Alistair, Gokhan saki, Ghita, and Spong. All pretty new to the Final 8 level.

I agree you can’t rank him very highly YET, but if you look at him fight you know he should be in the top 3. Until he fights those upper level guys i think #8 is good.

Rev- He cleared a piss test, what the hell else do you want? It doesn’t matter if you think he roided or not, you can’t talk shit until he fails a piss test.

Lastly, he has admitted MMA is not his focus right now, with the world GP comin up that’s all he’s really thinking about.

He has the best striking in MMA and he’s just fucking fun to watch! Can’t we leave it at that?