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If you would read some of the

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G Funk

If you would read some of the chit you post with a neutral mind, you would see just how much of a bitch-made poster you come across as.

One minute example: “You stop with “public school” name calling (see Yeah Right’s comments below), and I will not be so condescending towards your point of view. Continue to call me idiot, retard, or fag, and I will be as condescending as I want. Of course you could try to get me blocked.” <—Bitchmade“Yeah Right’s Quotes:“You are an idiot if you dont think His striking and what he has accomplished in k-1 is impressive. ” “Congratulations for making a post stating the fucking obvious, and then going on to be a fucking retard. So, i hope you feel good riding your high horse because you have the be all and end all of heavyweight rankings. Congratulations”“I just read Pewnts acceptance speech, what a fag! hahaha oh man that’s good!”” <—–BitchmadeTrying to act all smart and chit trying to correct someone in the douche manner that you did, but actually making yourself sound retarded is bitchmade.Trying to act like you’re not taking things personal and playing it off as if it’s some big game when we all know you’re pussy butt-hurt is, now say it with me….Bitchmade!This has been gathered just by this thread only? Can you possibly see the recurring trend?Your friend with love, “G” Funk