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-There is no fine, he lost

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-There is no fine, he lost his bonus money. Same as if I got fired tomorrow I don’ get my Christmas/end of year bonus.

-Your right, UFC does not have a 6 month probationary period. They can cut you after ANY loss. They can cut you for violation of you contract. Behavior is also factored in. Remember when Fitch was cut for not wanting to sign on for the video game (The GSP fight may have made it possible)

-NSAC cannot fine him for shit that happens in Europe. They can take into account the UFC’s memo. If he returns to North America they can take into account this positive test when reviewing his licence.

-There have been several 1 fight and done fighters. Jason Miller being the highest profile IMO. He did OK for himself by getting off his ass and self promoting. Ask nicely and I can compile a full list for you.

-Chael worked his ass, and mouth off to get what he has. Good for him.


I will be happy to make a deal with you right now. You stop with “public school” name calling (see Yeah Right’s comments below), and I will not be so condescending towards your point of view. Continue to call me idiot, retard, or fag, and I will be as condescending as I want. Of course you could try to get me blocked.

Yeah Right’s Quotes:

“You are an idiot if you dont think His striking and what he has accomplished in k-1 is impressive.

“Congratulations for making a post stating the fucking obvious, and then going on to be a fucking retard. So, i hope you feel good riding your high horse because you have the be all and end all of heavyweight rankings. Congratulations”

“I just read Pewnts acceptance speech, what a fag! hahaha oh man that’s good!”