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I know, i made this post

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I know, i made this post right after i woke up, i halfway asleep on my phone.

But to your point. It’s pretty rare that a fighter gets released after 1 loss, the only other fighter i could think of is fuck whats his name…too lazy/tired to google, ill post it later.

The ufc does not have a 6 month probationary period, it’s not rare for a fighter to lose their first fight and get cut.

And because they gave the results to the NSAC he will be suspended and he will be fined, and they will take his money, thats what happens.

Sure, you can say he could just never come back to the states and he would never have to pay the fine or even be suspended or fight in the unsanctioned leagues, hell you could say that with any fighter that tests positive.

You could even say they’re not taking away their ability to make money because they could get a different job. But that’s just stupid.

My point of this post wasn’t about taking his money away, it was more to show how hypocritical (is that good enough for your condescending ass?) dana was for not firing chael when he’s firing this guy. Hell, the fact that he is a no name adds to my point, chael would have a much easier time making money than this fucker.