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Marc Ratner, the former

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Marc Ratner, the former Executive Director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission does the job of the Commission when the UFC fights in countries without commissions. It has been this way for a while now. The North American commissions have the right to use this as a reason not to give a fighter a license, or they can disregard it completely.

**From the article linked above**
“In addition to his release from the promotion, the 5-2 Chute Boxe product will forfeit an undisclosed discretionary bonus from the UFC; his test results will also be given to the Nevada State Athletic Commission, which could affect Quieroz’s ability to get licensed to fight in the U.S.”

The UFC did not touch his show/win money like the commissions do in North America. He lost his undisclosed discretionary bonus. You know….”the performance based bonus”.

As for being cut….this was his first fight, and he lost. Many business I have worked for (in Canada) have a six month “probation” period where they can release you for almost any reason.

Losing, and then testing positive when you are no name fighter X is a bad move when working for Zuffa.

I would join your hate wagon on this subject if the UFC did not release him, but gave him a 9 month suspension (like Leban), only to release him after it was served.

Vinicius Quieroz now has the ability to try to get licensed for North American promotions, or to fight in any number of Unsanctioned fight promotions world wide. UFC has not taken away his ability to earn money as a fighter. They have taken his ability to earn money in the UFC.