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with more exposure comes more

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with more exposure comes more scrutiny. especially in any sport where betting is popular.

remember what happened when that japanese news outlet exposed the pride / yakuza connection?

i would link to an excellent expose that was done some years ago by a now defunct mma website. but like tito ortiz once said, “i could tell you about it, but i dont want to end up buried in the mojave desert”

i just think its odd that you can break most if not all of the UG rules and get away with it, but posting any speculation on zuffa / mafia ties usually results in an immediate ban and deletion. (strange, because you can read about this shit right in the newspaper)

it makes me wonder about what really went down years ago when zuffa tried to acquire sherdog, and other mma media sites. my opinion is some sort of deal was cut. but that is pure speculation.