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I think Boxing has the same

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I think Boxing has the same problems as a lot of other businesses. They are to caught up with the old way of doing things. A 1985 business model does not work in 2010.

Case in point:


Of these 4 web sites only the WBC has a clear multimedia section. WBO has a single you tube video embedded on the main page.

Compared to , and WBA/IBF/WBO sites look like something the President’s nephew did on his laptop last weekend.

Couldn’t they use the internet as a inexpensive way to promote up and coming fighters?

Wouldn’t showing under card fights on their site generate revenue through ad’s?

Look what Bellator did with you tube. I watched that Toby Imada sub online 30 times showing it to friends.

This is one point on how the boxing community ignore a proven advertising method to promote their product.

Maybe when the Bob Arum’s of the world die we will have people who don’t live by the “That’s how my Grand Pappy did it, that’s how we’ll do it to” philosophy.

*note* HBO has a half decent library, but not if you live in Canada. HBO Canada has a few videos online, but nothing like the US site.