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Subo–>just b/c you may have

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Subo–>just b/c you may have watched an Ali documentary or listened to Bert Sugar for 10 minutes doesn’t mean you know what you’re talking about. Boxing was alive & well up until 8-10 yrs ago. There were still a bunch of highly marketable guys. Unfortunately, due to greed, corruption & a poor business model for a sport……it has been floundering. Each year the old stars fade (Barrera, Morales, De La Hoya, Roy, B-Hop, Gatti, Vargas, Lewis-retiring, etc.) & there are no new stars being built. As much as I want to be a boxing fan, the promoters, managers & fighters are a bunch of jackasses. The top guys will only fight for the biggest payday of their lives, regardless of how competitive the fight may be or meaningful to their division. That’s fine for them. It’s their job. But don’t expect me to be a fan.

Guys like Sergio Martinez & Sugar Shane are who I’m checking for now. They throw down & are pretty much willing to fight anyone. Too bad they doesn’t get the pay that guys like Pretty Boy Floyd get. HBO doesn’t even want to pay these guys what they want any more so idiots like Goosen & Shaw put on bullshit PPV’s for $25-$30 that nobody gives a fuck about.