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This will be my last post on this topic. The fan boys are starting to get annoyed, and I see this turning into a flame war soon (more so than it is…lol).

Ty to:
Ninja Codah
PW – Sorry again for the misunderstanding.
Schrute Boxe
G Funk
Grass Hoppa – Ty for bringing a very well thought out counter argument.
Frickshun – lol

I appreciate the feed back, and opinions. Thanks for a few jokes thrown in too. If any of you would like to continue the argument, or come up with info I missed please send me a private message. :)

Ty to:
yeahright – smile, could could live in Somalia.

Your fan boy rage has once again proven why I need my ***Nut Hugger Disclaimer*** in the OP. May I suggest some of the web sites I looked through when trying to find out more on Overeem’s Kickboxing record. Ty again for flaming this to the top of the form. It gave a few great posters time to get their thoughts in.


***Nothing on Overeem***
interesting articles on some of the sites.

***Some that had Overeem on them in any way, shape, or form*** – He’s here – Listed in the side panel as a famous practitioners. That is it. – Mutiple articles. Some really good reads. a source for Kickboxing record
Overeem’s Wikipedia page – Source of MMA record