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Thanks for the kind reply

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Thanks for the kind reply pewnt.

I like having this sort of discussion without all the rage and name calling. Thats what forums are for :) (despite what alot of others think)

I agree with your list of fighters to beat that should put Overeem on anybodys and everybodys list, no debate.

I also agree with rogers shitty win.

Quote: “Beat any one to get top 5. If he destroys them top 3 no questions asked!
Having a Mir/Crocop style performance may only get 5-7 depending on who it is.

Fedor Emelianenko
Josh Barnett
Antonio Silva
Fabricio Werdum”

I really hope Overeem fights one of these guys next, and the sooner the better. I gotta say, i am a bit of a Overeem nut hugger, I love the black n white doco’s he’s doing. He’s not at the top of my list, but i believe he easily could be, and i would love to see him fight any of those best 4 from SF. Hopefully early next year!