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Subo, when in your opinion

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G Funk

Subo, when in your opinion did boxing die because of co-promotion? Most of the sanctioning bodies (the ones that matter) were around during the “glory days” if you will and recognized eachothers titles and put on great shows.

If you knew the history of Boxing you might be surprised how similar the growth was compared to MMA only it took much more time to regulate and produce a viable piece that was recognized, allowed and embraced by all. MMA has the foundation of boxing to thank for this.

If you’re implying how certain matches are difficult if not impossible to get done because of it’s system, it’s not like the UFC with all it’s control puts on every fight they want because sometimes the fighters just don’t want to fight eachother.

Also, is it really hard to think that MMA will lose it’s steam and not be what it is or even what it WAS a year or two ago sometime in the future? If you ask me, it’s already let out some steam from its bloated body.

Is boxing really dead? When you compare event to event with the UFC it’s minute in comparison, however the biggest anticipated fight that will blow any UFC PPV out the water is a boxing match. (Pacquiao vs. Mayweather)

I’m a MMA fan who occasionally watches boxing, huge emphasis on occasionally. But I used to watch alot of boxing and was a huge fan growing up and followed it during the rise of MMA until I really coundn’t get into it anymore because of MMA. I don’t think it was because of promotional BS, twas the sport itself man.