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Grass Hoppa Comment #40

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Grass Hoppa Comment #40

Very well said! Good reply.

MLB – Major League Baseball
NBA – National Basketball Association
NHL – National Hockey League
Nascar – Stock Car Racing or look at how fast I can drive in a circle
Rest are easy…. :)

I will be more than happy to agree to disagree with our different opinions on how MMA should be ranked. You choose to extrapolate based on your opinions. Judging by your posts you have educated opinion. I choose to judge by results, level of competition they have faced, then performance.

You make a good argument with your Mir/Cro cop example. I say that same argument can be applied to Rogers after his Warpath fight.

For my rankings.
Beat any two (mma rules) to get into 6-10 spots. Better destroy them though:

Shane Del Rosario
Lavar Johnson
Lolohea Mahe
Ray Sefo
Andrei Arlovski
Timmy Sylvia
Brett Rogers – One down, one to go

Beat any one to get top 5. If he destroys them top 3 no questions asked!
Having a Mir/Crocop style performance may only get 5-7 depending on who it is.

Fedor Emelianenko
Josh Barnett
Antonio Silva
Fabricio Werdum

All listed fighters currently/recently contracted with Strikeforce.

He had a good LHW record, but going 1-5 in his last 5 fights speaks for it self. Buentello, can of Lee, ’08 Cro Cop, Goodridge, Sylvester, Thompson, Fujita, and Rogers, just don’t say top level fighter.