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Just a couple of things

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Just a couple of things pewnt:

The sports you list there (at least the ones i know, i’m aussie), and in fact most other sports out there, they play ALL the opposite teams or players at least a few times in a year, or play several big tournemants a year, where they play all the top level competition.

As mma stands, this is impossible to do. Realisticly, top level fighters get 2 top level fights a year (occassionally 3). And they can’t fight the best in other organizations. And then you also run into difficulties where people start bringing up this “oh he only beat him cos he was past his prime” bullshit. Because of this, i 100% believe that some level of extrapolation of fighters performances needs to be taken into account when making rankings. Not just pure wins and losses. The problem is no one ever agrees on how much to extrapolate.

If you were to show the Cro Cop/Mir fight to someone, and say, “Mir is a top 10 HW fighter” (maybe only top 20 but whatever), they would think that perhaps you had smoked that wacky tobaccy too much. It was a shitty performance. The “win” really doesn’t count for much. He was fighting at best a middle of the pack HW and looked pretty shitty doing it. Hence, a little “extrapolation” is needed.

The way i make my rankings may inflate the value of some fighters, i agree.

However, I disagree that is disadvantages other fighters. If they want that top 10 spot, it is no good turning out a crappy win. Impress us. Earn your spot. Show us how good you are. If you do that, you wont lose anything, or be disadvantaged. As shields showed, you can score a win and not impress anybody doing it. Thats not how to become a top ten guy, or rather, its a really, really, really, long way to go about it. (because you would literally need to fight everyone on the list above you to crawl up it)

My rankings will always reflect who i ‘believe’ to be a better fighter, which takes alot more liberties than your system. Not better or worse, just different. I will say this though:

If the heavywieght division had more depth to it, we would not be having this conversation about Overeem. If there were more skilled guys in the division, who fight 3 times a year, we would have alot more information to go off and wouldn’t need to look so hard for people to fill out the top ten!

Honestly, once i start getting to around 8 or 9, i really start scratching my head wondering if these guys even deserve to be listed (maybe once upon a time, but right now?).

An ideal top ten list to me should be this: Any one of the guys listed has a chance to wear the belt fighting any other listed guy. That just isn’t the case in the HW div at the moment, hence people looking so hard and ‘extrapolating’ on fighters that in a busier division wouldn’t get a second thought simply based on the fact they don’t fight enough.

On that note, I honestly think Overeem hasn’t had an oppenant for so long mostly because SF couldn’t find anyone out there really worthy enough outside the UFC.

That said, the HW division is what it is. And Overeem is on my list :)