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P W, Comment #37 I didn’t

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P W, Comment #37

I didn’t get the “Grew up with Combat sports” point. Sorry.

I didn’t assume your an idiot. I did, and still do think Valentijn is a bad example compared to the accomplishments of someone like Semmy for the point your making about Team Golden Glory. As I said before Golden Glory is a great camp. I would even go so far as to say it is one of the best camps in Europe, and Asia combined. Lack of amateur wrestling programs in Europe hurt them sadly.

Now that is clarified the Valentijn point makes A LOT more sense. Not having older brother myself it may be a little hard top relate. I know how much I looked up to a couple of my cousins, and how I mirrored their interests. Having a older family member as a role model can do wonders to garnering interest in anything.

This shouldn’t have anything to do with rankings though. If relationships can effect rankings, then Ryan Couture could be looked at as a top lightweight based on his Father, and the access to training that most of us would sell our left nut for.

Ryan Couture CAN be looked at as a top lightweight PROSPECT based on relationships, and access to training. His performances will tell the story in the years to come.

Overeem can be looked at as one of the best untested heavy weights in mma. At 30 he’s in his prime.