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Jawsh, i swear, you know me

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Jawsh, i swear, you know me better than anyone else. This is TERRIBLE news. The last consistently great MMA promotion is not going to be shitty.

But, but, but the UFC is soo awesome and they pay so great!!! Now they’ll make more money!!

Bullshit. When was the last time you were happy with every fight on a UFC card both on paper and during the actual event? I cant fucking remember. The WEC put out great cards and great fights every fucking outing. As if they UFC didnt have too many fighters already, not they just inherited another fucking promotion.

And its just a fact lighter weight fighters make less money than heavier fights because people want to see big motherfuckers hitting eachother. Unless they are a hugely dominant guy, ie GSP, they just make less money.

I’ll admit i havent read into the merger or how its going to work at all, but it just seems like a horrible idea. It wasn’t broken, there was no need to ‘fix’ it.

And there goes any hope for a 125 division.