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Frickshun, Comment #33 You

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Frickshun, Comment #33

You make some good points, but I think that Zuffa has found a very effective way to avoid the “YOU END UP W/BOXING” problem.

Middle Weight with A. Silva is the perfect example:

– There is a ranking order in the UFC that takes into account wins, and performance.
– A good streak can get you a shot like Cote.
– There are several fighters that can be thrown into #1 contender fights at a moments notice, like Okami, or Marquardt.
– As new guys get signed the get thrown into the mix, like Belfort.
– Injuries/suspensions can move you up faster (Belfort).
– When there are no clear #1 contender, we get the LHW fights, or if we are lucky the GSP fight.

In Zuffa mma, W’s, and Performance BOTH matter. Just ask Jon Fitch*.

Overeem Does not have the W’s or the performances against top 25 ranked HW’s to justify his ranking.

*I like Fitch. I never miss his fights. They may not be barn burners, but I always want to see if someone can stop his game.