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“……, but the OP obviously makes his list based on the wins column.”

Ty for reading the post. :)
TY 1000 times for not posting using points that are covered in my nut hugger disclaimer.

Your are correct. I do base my rankings on results. My concern with ranking stems from the media. If you look at NHL/NBA/MLB/NBA/Boxing/Sumo/Judo/nascar/tennis/golf rankings they are based on results. In most of the major sports, it is results within a time frame.

MLB for example (using due to being near the end of the season). We know who were the two best teams in the pre season. We know who were the best in the post season. We know who hit the best. We know who pitched the best. All based on their equivalent to “W’s in the column”.

These rankings have very real effect on fighters. A top ranked fighter can have his management team use that leverage when negotiating contracts with both promotions, and sponsors. I think the “based around who you would bet on to win” over inflates the value of a fighter, and is unfair to people bumped off the list.

The prime example of management using this tactic is Fedor/M1. When they started courting North American Promotions it was the fact that he was #1 on all the MMA media sites that allowed him to get the contract he wanted. I have zero problem with this, as long as you have earned that ranking. (regardless of my thoughts on Fedor’s record he did earn the ranking).

In hindsight:
I respect the UFC for not buying into this tactic, and keeping control of their product.

I bet Mr. Coker is questioning why he did. After 1 fight he had to go into renegotiation’s with M1. Under contract he was unwilling to fight on the Shield/Hendo CBS card. Now he has one fight left, and there are reports of M1 directly negotiating with Showtime.

When it is “Joe Blow’s MMA site”, rankings don’t count for shit. When it ESPN/TSN/AOL/YAHOO/SI.COM/USA TODAY, it can make a big difference on how the fighter is viewed to the average person.

The Strikeforce HW champ will have defended his belt once in 3 years!!
(11/16/07…. so 3 years in 19 days as of post). Think of how butt hurt people get when the UFC ties up ANY title for +/- 9 months. Even when it makes perfect sense to allow a division a chance to sort out some new contenders.