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In my opinion, a top ten list

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In my opinion, a top ten list is based on who i think would win fights against anyone underneath him. In other words, “who is the better fighter”. I disagree with lists that have a certain fighter ranked high, but the actual list maker would bet on someone lower to beat them. It comes down to “who i would put my money on to win”.

There is no way in hell i would bet on werdum to beat 3/4’s of the current “top 10”. I find it difficult to take seriously anyone that has him as ranked number 1.

I dont actually need to see Overeem beat Frank Mir into a bloody pulp to rank him higher than Mir. You take into acount both of their previous performances, and make a subjective decision. It’s not just wins and loses taken into acount, but actual performance’s in those wins and loses.

That fact remains, I would bet on Overeem to beat roughly half of anyone’s “top 10” list, with some of the others too close to call. Hence, he is top ten.

I guess there is two types of lists. One based solely on the ‘W’ ‘s in the column, and the other based around who you would bet on to win. I don’t like the win’s method, as i feel i would lose alot of money that way.

I feel that it’s those 2 ways of making a top ten list is what causes the most heated discussion on forums. At the end of the day, it’s all subjective, but the OP obviously makes his list based on the wins column.