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PW, Comment #28 “How does

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PW, Comment #28

“How does Valentijn’s winning percentage affect Alistair in any way? Now? Way to go if you wanted to show you totally missed my point.”

You addressed Subo, but I got this one.

Your post stated several things:

I agree with this statement

“even with the bump in skill level lately, the HW division is by FAR the worst weight division in MMA”

True, there are BIG gaps in skill level. You go on to praise Overeem skill set. Size, athleticism, ability to take punishment….there are few that have his full skill set. I agree with that.

“He’s almost top 10 by default for fuck’s sake”

Here is where you fall apart. You don’t get ranked by “default”. This attitude hurts promotions.

You go on to praise the merits of Team Golden Glory. I agree that this is justified. Golden Glory is a great camp. Top 10 in Europe. You go on to use a .500 fighter as an example of this great camp?!?!?!?! Subo jumped on that for good reason. If I were praising Big Nog’s camp I would not use a .500 fight to highlight the greatness.

“At the moment I’m not even sure if I want to see him compete in MMA. I find K-1 a hell of lot more entertaining and the skill level is higher.”

Your opinion, cool. I have addressed this in several posts already. When you are the HW Champ of the “2nd” biggest MMA promotion, you need to step up and fight, or vacate that belt. I would love to see a shit load of fights with all the Strikeforce HW’s. Unfortunately we have a champ that won’t settle in mma for and given amount of time, and Fedor/M-1 BS.