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“bring real facts and data and coherent opinions or stfu”

If you look at my past posts there are these things called numbers. (ex. 123456789) These numbers in most cases are fight records records. Coming from places like K1 web site, and the fight finder. These trusted sites can be considered facts. Here is some of the facts. Maybe this will help.

Fact: Every fighter on my list is rank in the top 25 USA Today/SB Nation, and Overeem has fought none of them since he reinvented himself. This “laughable” list are 19 of the best this sport has to offer at HW.

Fact: Overeem qualified for ADCC in the European Circuit.

Opinion: Europe is widely regarded as sub par compared to Brazil, and the USA.

Fact: Randy has fought a hell of a lot more top 10 fighters than Overeem.

Fact: Overeem has only fought ONE current top 25 HW, but is ranked in the top ten.

Fact: a 7-4 record does not say goat, beast, monster, or BMF.

Fact: at 0-1 Badir has a PRO record. Having a PRO record makes someone a MMA fighter, even if they hate it.

Fact: As of this post you have brought zero facts to the table to support your opinions. Lets see some numbers to back up your claims.

Fact: My opinions are very different than yours, but I try to be friendly until the insults, and STFU’s come out.

Fact: I am laughable. That’s why my motto is: “If you can’t take a joke then don’t be one.”

Fact: My spelling, and grammar is not the best, but “bring real facts and data and coherent opinions or stfu” is what is call a run on sentence. Punctuation helps too.

Opinion: K1, Boxing, Karate, Sumo, Sambo, etc. records don’t add up to shit when ranking mma.