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I saw Overeem’s european

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I saw Overeem’s european qualifier tourney win and it was in fact awesome.
He basically ran through the thing just guillotining the fuck out of everyone.

As for his K-1 career, he might only be 6-4, but he’s 1-1 with the best hw kickboxer in the world, and he did EXTREMELY well against the guy with the best defense in K-1 by a mile, Bonjasky. Knocked him down, even if they didn’t score it and you could argue he should have gotten an extension round.

But ranking him in the top 10 in mma at hw is absurd at this point.
He’s got a worthless belt and one borderline top 10 win, and that’s it.

Given the opportunity I don’t doubt for a second he’s a legit top 5 guy, but he’s not getting the fights, and ranking on anything but what’s actually happened is just fucking stupid.