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Look, even with the bump in

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Look, even with the bump in skill level lately, the HW division is by FAR the worst weight division in MMA. Comparatively, it doesn’t take all that much throw yourself in the mix. If you have the size and athleticism, you’re halfway there basically, as seen by all the recent NFL rejects that are fighting in the UFC, even though they are obviously green as hell.

Overeem has the size and athleticism, no question about that. Plus K-1 level stand-up, the ability to take punishment, cardio, experience, a proven ground game, and at least all the basic submissions in his backpack. How many HW are there out there that have all that? He’s almost top 10 by default for fuck’s sake.

Then check out his background and were he trains. Remember how everyone keeps saying: “Imagine how good the next generation of fighters will be who’ve been growing up training MMA”. Well, that’s Alistair (actually, we’re probably talking pre-MMA here, more like NHB). This guy has been training at a world class gym since he was a teenager. Alistairs older brother Valentijn is a certified bad-ass with an extensive MMA record. Team Golden Glory has legendary trainers and its members’ involvement in the UFC goes back to UFC fucking 2.

At the moment I’m not even sure if I want to see him compete in MMA. I find K-1 a hell of lot more entertaining and the skill level is higher.