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Tanhauser, Comment #9

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Tanhauser, Comment #9

“James Toney didn’t come into MMA while beating world class boxers you idiot.”


I think you missed the point here. My Toney comment is in response to another comment from glassjawsh.

“the klitschko comparison is not apt at all. overeem has been training jits for 15+ years, and has a guillotine from hell, the klit brothers are big smelly hulking eastern european boxers who wouldn’t even make it as long as James Toney did on the ground.”

I never said shit about Toney until Glassjawsh brought it up. I just responded to his Toney comment.

I used the Klitschko’s as an example. Does their boxing records make them a top ten HW in mma if they decided to fight mma tomorrow? I say no. Boxing, mma, judo, and kickboxing (and more combat sports) should all have separate ranking systems. A good record in one sport should not assist your ranking in another. A top level fighter from another sport should be able to by pass the lower tier fighters, and gate keepers if they choose to. They still have to win to be ranked. If they want to start with guys like Warpath to slowly break into the sport. Even better.

I think the Klitschko’s would be dominated in the same way as Toney. I think 99% of pure boxers would have the same experience a Toney.

Don’t call people idiots. Makes you look really dumb when you miss the point.