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Yeah Right, comment# 5

“Alistair Overeem has the best striking in MMA”

IMO he has some of the best stand up in the HW division from a technical stand point, for strikers that have any ground game. There are better pure strikers, Badr Hari still comes to mind (0-1 in mma, but still a better striker).

“Part of the reason why his kickboxing record ………way stronger.”

Where is this impressive Kickboxing record. Wikipedia, and the K1 site have his record at 7-4, and 6-4. His only title is K-1 WGP 2009 3rd Place. If this is what you call impressive, maybe you need to watch more fights. Maybe look up the definition of impressive.

Beating Werdum, and Fedor would put him in the top 3 no questions asked. If he beats one, and lost to the other he would be top 10. At least with these wins/loses he earned his spot with mma fights.

As for the money. Vacate the belt and go make your money. Stop fucking with Strikeforce’s HW division. Good for him to be such a high earner. I hear Bob Sapp makes lots of money fight there too.