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^Besides the fact that he

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^Besides the fact that he qualified for ADCC in 2005.

I think rankings should take into account performances.

You cannot argue with the fact that Alistair Overeem has the best striking in MMA. Part of the reason why his kickboxing record is so impressive is because he fought 3 times pre horse meat. He is a different fighter now, that’s where his losses came from. He is more dedicated, and obviously way stronger.

I agree you cant put him at the top, for now. Once he fights more in MMA he will obviously be ranked higher. The problem is no matter who he beats in Strikeforce all you faggy naysayers will say, “Oh, well their not in the ufc so they suck.” Don’t believe me? Lets take a look.

Let’s say he knocks out Werdum:
Well Werdum got KTFO by JDS so it doesn’t matter(even though werdum is waay better now)

Let’s say he knocks out Fedor:
Well Fedor sucks because he lost to Werdum and he lost to JDS who would get pwn’d by Cain

Let’s say he knocks out anyone else:
They suck for not being in the UFC.

Lose-Lose situation.

Furthermore, dude makes like 300-400k per fight in K-1 and he’s a fucking kickboxing icon in Holland, whereas, he’s seen as a piece of shit in the states and might make 80k(i really have no idea).

If i was him, i would focus on K-1 too. I think he would tear up the UFC’s heavyweights, the only way he would lose is a decision to Cain via humping. I would still pick Overeem.