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this guy must be a sleeper

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this guy must be a sleeper agent of subo

the klitschko comparison is not apt at all. overeem has been training jits for 15+ years, and has a guillotine from hell, the klit brothers are big smelly hulking eastern european boxers who wouldn’t even make it as long as James Toney did on the ground.

and yes he is top 10 based upon what a BMF he is in K1, and im fine with that

if you can produce a list of 10 guys you honestly believe would beat him in an mma fight, you’re deluding yourself

dude would fold brock like a chair and bash rena mero over the face with him
he has faster hands than JDS and actually uses his legs for kick and vicious knees

frank mir would crumple like he always does under pressure

heh…at big nog even being considered top 10

carwin, cain, fedor and werdum are all open for debate but beyond that it’s laughable to think anyone could hang with him