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Tanhauser, I could give you

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I could give you that, IF Fedor did not escape the first triangle/arm attempt. When he dove into Werdums guard he made the choice to engage in a ground fight with a BJJ Black Belt. He was not good enough to escape a second time. He picked the place that the fight took place, and loss.

Comparing Werdums actions to trickery would be like saying Fedor beat Arlovski with the same style of trickery. He spend 3:00 of the first round getting beat to the punch in order to lure Arlovski in throwing a telegraphed flying knee into an overhand right.

We could also compare it to throwing a series of leg, and body kicks to lower a fighter defense, then getting the head kick KO.

These things are called TACTICS. Your statement leads me to believe that Fedor can’t handle a tactical fighter. Like Big Nog, one of the best tactical fighters out there (IMO). He will willingly take huge shots to get into a position where he has the advantage.

Stop making excuses as to why he lost.

My example of “trickery” in MMA:
Jason Miller vs Kazushi Sakuraba (Dream -251)

The fight starts, Miller looks out into the crowd as Sakuraba slowly closes the distance. Suddenly Miller screams like a 10 year old girl, pointing over Sakuraba’s shoulder. “Look out Sakuraba, it’s Godzilla!!!!!!!” As Sakuraba turns to look Miller jumps on his back with a locked in RNC.