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3. Werdum. Beat the best of

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3. Werdum.

Beat the best of all time with some trickery


WTF…. Trickery….come on this is not 1993. Arm bar from bottom. Triangle from bottom. Two common moves combined to a slick sub.

Fedor fucked up, and didn’t have the “A BJJ black belt has my arm, maybe I should make him stand up.” moment. He had escaped, then dove right back in…..

If he did a flying armbar, into a frankenstiener, Hadouken, sonic boom….now that’s trickery.

After Rogers “win” (going all 3 round with warpath…sigh) I would put Overeem at #10. He should be ranked in the top five, but you have to fight someone who is ranked to get there.

Beyond that good list. Nog below Roy hurts to see, but I can see your point.