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UFC kinda reminds me of when

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UFC kinda reminds me of when the fair came to town .All the carny folk come out of the wood work ..Cards should not be monthly they should have people build up to getting to the big leagues aka small shows building up to a main event every 6 months or so, the money , power struggle Dana White has will kill MMA in the end or maybe just the UFC .How long will people pay for a bad ride at a fair once maybe but people are tricked into these monthly events thru build up and are feeling ripped off in the end . The sport of it seems to be no longer and making more money as quickly as possible has taken over ..This is just my personal feeling or opinion .. The looks on peoples face`s coming into the ring and dana`s face after Brocks lose says it all ..Seems to me people will be reading que cards like WWE sooner than later . And now we have WWE confrontations happening at UFC are we about to see a partenership lmao who knows … A Mir vs Lesnar 3 is just sad as hell …