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^yeah dana is certainly in no



^yeah dana is certainly in no hurry to clean things up. thats like rennovating a building with asbestos fireproofing and insulation or a home made with that toxic chinese drywall. its a clusterfuck thats gonna cost a shitload of time and money.

its tempting to compare the ped situation in mma with the ped situation in mlb. in the 90s bud selig knew very well the players were cheating. how could he not? guys like mcgwire, sosa and bonds looked more like cartoonish superheros than baseball players. but selig turned a blind eye because the homerun race completely revitalized baseball. mlb went from a loss to huge profits. eventually mcgwire broke the maris record and what shouldve been a momentous occasion was viewed as a disgrace by many. then what no one saw coming happened, the congressional hearings.

baseball is our national pastime, while mma is still somewhat of a fringe sport. but i wonder if an inquisition like this is in the future of mma. dana is always talking about how mma is going to be bigger than soccer. if he really believes that, he should probably take a lesson from bud selig.