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UFC is running out of good

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UFC is running out of good fight cards soon we will be watching BJ penn VS Diego sanchez 99 if they keep it up ..same fights over and over its like the song that never ends ..Brock Lesnar is your typical jock hit em in the face they turtle only relying on intimidation to get by in life ..Look who he has fought in UFC ..Randy Courture his record speaks for its self time to hang up the old shoe leather , Frank Mir is a joke and heath herring hasn`t been a name in years they built lesnar on fan base only …He came with a WWE following thats why Tele Savalis {dana white } jumped on him like a mofo that spiked a 14 years old drink with ruffies .. UFC 120 should have been refunded to all that was like getting slapped by a 2×4