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I am currently rocking EA

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I am currently rocking EA Sports MMA on the Xbox 360. For only 7 more days though since I’m using the Online Pass trial, which I started today after finishing the offline achievements. Too many other videogames out there I wanna play so I’m only gonna play it for one more week then send it back and rent something else. I’m not a pro at this game and my friends are too casual as MMA fans to find appeal in EA Sports MMA. So I see no incentive to buying the game for $70 Canadian ($70 pays for almost 3 months of my rental subscription ffs) or paying $10 for a permanent online pass.

Pro Tip for Fightlinker: If you are strapped for cash, consider a renting subscription man. Guys who have trouble making the rent and paying bills shouldn’t be paying $60-70 for videogames on a regular basis.

Given that my trophy collection is lacking comparing to my achievement collection, I might just rent the PS3 version after to boost my trophy count (and get another 7 free days of online. lol). But Fable III is coming out this week and I badly want to play some older games I’ve missed after Fable.