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G Fuck: “Subo´s answer: Brock

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G Fuck:
“Subo´s answer:
Brock has beaten more
Top ten fighters in two years
Than Fedor in eight.”

There’s your answer. Now the square block goes in the square hole okay sweetie…

No, I Want to hear what he thinks is more impressive, Lesnars 5-1 or Fedors 32-2.
It should be a given answer to that but I want proof.

Since 2002 Fedor has beaten Nogueira, Filipovic, Herring (when he was motivated) Shillt, Sylvia and Coleman all in their Prime, In my opinion that´s more impressive than Loss Frank Mir, Randy Couture who lost to Nogueira, An impressive domination of Frank Mir and the absolute best win of his career against Carwin.