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Should Subo have a writing contest with Millertime? Sorry for another rhetorical question. Subo If you have a write off with me and beat me by vote i will leave Fightlinker forever and apologize to you on a webcam shirtless. If you lose you have to quit writing for fightlinker, change your name to Millertime’s bitch, and take footage of your trailer park. This is a real bet if you agree to it we will both agree on the same topic. You can use whatever drug will make you creative enough to compete with me. It has to be 150 words (no more than 175) and we will post them on the same day. You get 48 hours to write it. It’s like the movie speed but this time the bad guy wins. If you don’t wanna make the bet i understand. Your from Colorado Springs. Weakness, inbreeding, and white trash pump threw your veins.