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This is what is wrong withthe



This is what is wrong withthe article and I quote: “… Ultimately, none of the scheduled fights had to be canceled as first feared. “

“Cancelled” or “Canceled?”. This is the question.

The British spelling doubles the \”l\” but American spelling does not. The American rule is, only double the final consonant if it is preceded by a SINGLE consonant AND if the accent falls on the final syllable or the word is of one syllable. For example: \”commit (ted), prefer(red), stop(ped), swim(ming)\”. But, \”entered, canceled, traveled, availed\”.

Taking into account that the article starts off by stating the authors location as being LONDON, I am assuming this author has no respect for the British and should be forced to take 30 of Bispings girly punches.

Do I get a scooby snack?