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@g Funk…..I say throw caution to the wind and fly. It’s only once in a lifetime that you get an opportunity to be a porn star. All of those years of nailing Cuban chicks is finally paying off. Your wife is such a supportive individual and it’s so amazing that she understands that it’s just “work”, a dream, and that it’s not like you’re really enjoying yourself or anything.

Some people may not agree, including your family, but you have to follow your heart. If they love you they’ll be supportive….shit, they may even purchase your movies to show friends. And listen, I understand that they don’t see the value of the midget amputee fetish films that you’ll be working on, but it’s not about understanding…’s about trusting and loving. Be sure to tell them how important it is, and that from time to time you get to bring your work home with you and that your wife will get to share your little gimpy nuggets of joy.

G, it’s a win win if you ask me brother. Get all Danny LaRusso on that ass, jump in the grocery getter, and hoof it to the Left Coast. Be sure to send me a post card……and a link. Tell the wifey I said hey and good luck.